big easter bunny waiting for another chocolate delivery
big easter bunny waiting for another chocolate delivery

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Perfection Chocolates.

We love this time of the year at Perfection Chocolates. Chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunny’s chocolate chickens and roosters. Chocolate everywhere!

My family and I have owned Perfection Chocolates and Sweets in Rose Bay since 1939 and Easter is our favourite time of the year!

I have the best job in the world I wake up in the morning and go to our chocolate factory and make chocolates and sweets. And yes I eat it every day.

Well, today is a special chocolate day at the Perfection Chocolate Factory. We are making 600 Easter eggs for the big Easter egg hunt.


We are also crafting a limited edition only one in the world 12kg /26lb chocolate huge Easter Egg.


June, Aunty Terri and Michelle and myself (Chocolate Johnny), are busy preparing all the chocolate eggs for the big Easter egg hunt and the huge easter egg.easter chocolates (2)

Our chocolate machines hold about 100kg of perfectly tempered chocolate.

The moulds are prepared. The melted chocolate is then poured into each mould. They are weighted. Once each mould has the right weight the mould is placed on the mould spinner. This spreads the chocolate evenly in the moulds.

The moulds spin for approximately 15 minutes. The moulds are then placed in the cool room for dying. The chocolate cools down and the eggs come out of the moulds quite easily. They look nice and shiny.

The eggs are now ready for hand foiling in bright Easter colours. It’s hard not to eat one before you wrap them.

Michelle quickly wraps each egg, with a twist a twirl and polishes each one.

There you have it beautifully handcrafted, hand foiled Easter eggs for you to find at the Easter egg hunt.


So enjoy your Easter egg hunt and good luck.






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