We are an Australian family owned business with a European heritage. Our passion is anything chocolate. We have been making handmade chocolates and sweets since 1939.


We have been developing exclusive recipes for decades, and are committed to making the best confectionery and chocolates in Australia. Each chocolate we make is handcrafted with care, love and dedication towards perfection.


We have served satisfied customers for over 70 years and invite you to enjoy our delectable treats by visiting our Sydney chocolate boutique in Rose Bay or shopping with us online.


As a family passion, we look forward to serving you “Perfected Joy” at Perfection Chocolates.


Perfection Chocolates continues to be an innovator in gourmet chocolate. Bridging our traditionalist European values with modern day sophistication ensures our high quality products remain unique and delectable.

Local produce is embraced by using fresh, locally sourced cream and butter, pure honey extract, and all natural ingredients where possible. In addition, only the finest imported milk, white and dark chocolate is secured and used for your pleasure.

Perfection Chocolates pours the warmth and soul of family into each one of our hand made delights. Treasured recipes from the past are continually refined using artisanal manufacturing methods, creating some of the finest chocolate delicacies in Sydney.

Father Spiro and Son John Kapos

Perfection Chocolates' History


Perfection Chocolates was established by the Kapos family founded by Uncle Mick in Rose Bay, Sydney. From the outset, the Kapos family specialised in quality hand-made chocolates, designed products for the local market and took inspiration from their European heritage. Fusing the finest ingredients with their traditional knowledge, the chocolates brought a touch of European sophistication and luxury to the 1930s Sydney era.

The Perfection’s flagship store was established in Rose Bay, and almost instantly became one of Sydney’s first true ‘milk bars’. The ‘milk bar’ was a social spot for all Sydneysiders whilst they drank their milkshakes, coffees or and tasted the artisan handmade Perfection Chocolates.


By this time, Perfection Chocolates established its roots and still remained to be a family-owned business. Perfection Chocolates was passed on to Spiro & Mary Kapos in the early 1970s, innovation was injected to the family legacy. Spiro and Mary took Perfection Chocolates to new business heights by creating more products but remaining true to their heritage and tradition of handcrafting chocolates.


Their son John and his wife Eva became the proud bearer of the Perfection Chocolate tradition in the 90s. Proud to continue the elegance and luxury of chocolates they blended years of the family’s traditional know-how with more finesse.


In 2008, with the passing of Spiro Kapos, the patriarch of Perfection Chocolates, it was with his vision, passion and creativity for the Perfection brand that the newly renovated retail shop bore life. Further Perfection Chocolate opened its first state of the art “Chocolate Factory” in Banksmeadow with its traditional core values in-tact. Today we Perfection Chocolates are still uniques handcrafted. Perfection Chocolates have been able to increase demands from both local and international markets. Before passing, Spiro was fortunate enough to see his vision become a reality: Let the whole world taste the luxury of perfection chocolates at an affordable price.

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