Christmas Advent
Calendar - Instructions

Step 1: How to build the Advent Calendar Tree

This is an instructional guide video on how to put together the advent calendar tree.

Play Video
Play Video

Step 2: How to fold
Advent Day Boxes

After constructing the Advent Calendar tree, we will now move onto the day boxes that will be inserted into the tree.

Step 3: Sticking the Advent boxes together

This tutorial will show you where to use the glue to stick the boxes together!

*Please ensure that you use glue that will be able to stick the sides properly. 

** This Glue used in this video is not sponsored.

*** If you are missing any parts, please immediately notify us at

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And Voila! Congratulations your Advent
Tree is ready for the festive season!

We hope you enjoy and have a
wonderful & chocolatey holiday

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