The Kids Club Box

Welcome to the Official Perfection Chocolates Kids Club

We’re excited to present after months of planning, research and work at the Perfection Chocolate Factory to present the Kids Club Box an exclusive membership for your kids to engage with their love of confectionary and learn to hand-craft their very own creations to make with their mum, dad or even the grandparents.

Leading into every school holidays month, we’ll send you a box full of delicious, high-quality ingredients and recipes for your child to cook with you.

You can choose from our “Kids Club” or “Family” plan depending on how many people will be cooking together each month.

Our focus for Perfection is to understand that there is perfection in imperfection, every chocolate you create together is unique and it’s that individuality that makes each one perfect

Bring the family together for a creative chocolicious time.

Join the Club today!

Create memories with your kids.

These boxes have been designed to help parents spend quality time with their kids. Our mission is to make it easier for parents to enjoy the process of cooking together with their children while also teaching them valuable life skills in the kitchen.

Included along with the kids club box is:

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