The standard cooker mixer for the confectionery industry for nearly 100 years. The FireMixer is used every day to cook fudge, caramel, toffee, brittle, praline, nougat, halva, fruit jams and jellies. We have many different agitator designs for specialty products such as cooking and coating nuts, rice crispie treats, caramel corn, nutrition bar mixtures. Virtually anything that requires controlled cooking and mixing without burning, the FireMixer can do.


The Hermes JKV 100 tempering and moulding machine with vibrating table is designed for moulding chocolates and hollow figures. The moulding machine is Dutch made with a 100kg capacity, stainless steel 304, 1.5 and 2mm, has German motors, frequency unit, and Telemecanique components with a digital thermostat and drain.


This machine stands out on the continuous tempering machines market due to its new patented system which allows for the removal of the tempering screw pump in a few minutes. The advantages of this new machine are innumerable, primarily the possibility to insert chopped hazelnuts, cocoa granules, candied fruit and any desired product to the chocolate to add aroma. This tempering machine was designed to best meet the needs of the medium to large workshop.


The E220 is a new multi-functional enrober and moulding machine that enables our chocolatier to enrobe or bottom coat pralinés, bars, biscuits, cakes and pastries. It provides solid or shell moulding of standard praliné moulds and hollow figures. It is the “3 in 1” chocolate solution center for the creative, quality focused chocolatier requiring versatile small to moderate production to a profesional standard.